Black Belt course

A Black Belt is a well-trained professional who is able to improve processes, using Lean and Six Sigma, at a project management level. As a Black Belt you will normally spend a significant amount of time on continuous improvement projects within an organisation. The bulk of implementing Lean Six Sigma rests with Black Belts.

A Black Belt is able to achieve remarkable results

A Black Belt is trained to use the Lean Six Sigma structure and is able to underpin his or her findings statistically. The Black Belt uses Six Sigma as well as Lean tools to reduce operational costs and/or improve customer satisfaction. Most projects achieve both. It is the responsibility of the Black Belt to execute projects successfully and continuously initiate new projects based on the KPI’s of the organisation.

“Achieve high quality, high speed, and low costs using Lean Six Sigma.” – M. George

Who is it for?

Lean Six Sigma is for everyone with the ambition to design and manage continuous improvement projects as a project leader.

Practical Assignment

Project experience is often considered of great importance and is highly valued. We therefore recommend to follow up the theoretical Lean Six Sigma course with a Practical Assignment. The Practical Assignment consists of the execution of a Lean Six Sigma project throughout which you will receive 10 hours of coaching by a Master Black Belt from The Lean Six Sigma Company. Upon completion of your Practical Assignment you will be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate evidencing both theoretical knowledge of and practical experience in Lean Six Sigma on a Black Belt level.

Course Overview

The Black Belt course is a combination of both the Lean and Six Sigma modules. We provide the training as a 10 day classroom course. 

The course enables delegates to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs
  • Define an improvement project, based on the KPI’s of an organisation
  • Calculate and validate a business case
  • Use the Lean Six Sigma project structure to solve problems
  • Use Minitab software to analyse data and use statistics to make fact-based decisions
  • Implement business improvements and set up control charts
  • Inspire others to bring about continuous improvement within their organisation
  • Coach and support Green Belts and team members in their improvement projects
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Lean Thinking module - 2 days

  • Lean philosophy, history and background
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Lean Roadmap
  • Analyse customer value add
  • Business value add and non value add
  • The 7 + 1 types of waste
  • Value stream mapping
  • Flow
  • Line balancing & Takt time
  • Pull and Little’s law
  • Kanban, safety stock and replenishment pull
  • Poka Yoke
  • 5S and Visual Management
  • SMED and setup reduction
  • 5 times Why
  • Kaizen
  • A3 management

Six Sigma module - 6 days

  • Module 1 Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Module 2 Define phase
  • Module 3 Basic statistics and an introduction to Minitab
  • Module 4 Measure phase
  • Module 5 Analyse
  • Module 6 Testing Hypotheses 
  • Module 7 Statistical Tests
  • Module 8 Improve Phase
  • Module 9 Control Phase

Lean Practitioner module - 2 days

  • Lean as a management philosophy
  • The Toyota Way – 14 management principles
  • Toyota Kata
  • SMED
  • OEE
  • Heijunka
  • Genchi Genbutsu
  • Kaizen Events
  • Stand-ups
  • A3 management
  • Jidoka
  • Andon
  • Stadard Work
  • Visual Management
  • Hansai
  • Improvement Kata

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate

On the last course day there will be a written exam. After passing the exam you will receive a Black Belt certificate evidencing theoretical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma on a Black Belt level.

We recommend the Black Belt to follow up the theoretical classroom course with a Lean Six Sigma Practical Assignment, as it enables the Black Belt to demonstrate practical project experience. Upon successful completion of the practical assignment a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate will be awarded evidencing both theoretical knowledge of and practical experience in Lean Six Sigma on a Black Belt level.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 10 day classroom course: € 4990


  • Course material (slide pack and handbook)
  • Food&Beverages
  • Exam ( 2 re-exams, if required)
  • Project Assessment and coaching (for practical assignment)
  • Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt practical assignment: €1100


  • 10 hours of coaching by your Master Black Belt
  • project templates and formats
  • Project assessment 
  • Certification

Pricing excludes:

  • Lodging

Dates and Registration

Date and location: 10-day course
Course are in two blocks of five days from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Good to know
The structure of the course is modular, enabling delegates to opt for different dates across different courses, provided the subject matter is followed in the right order.

Dates upcoming Black Belt courses

2016, Course 1 – Fully booked
First block: May 23 / 24 / 25 / 26
Second block: June 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 /
Third block: June 16 / 17

2016, Course 2 – last 10 seats available
First block: September 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16
Second block: September 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30